Draught Flight $15.5
Serving Alberta and British Columbia craft beer. Taps rotate regularly, please check the digital boards for our current selection. Create you own custom draught flight (4 x 4.5 oz).

Edmonton NHL Hockey Features
Available every Edmonton NHL game day 1 hour before puck drop to the end of game.
Budweiser & Bud Light Bottles $6 ea
Draught beer: Railyard Lager | Parallel 49 Craft Lager | Molson Canadian | Bud Light choice: $6 sleeve (14 oz) | $7.5 pint (20 oz)


Cocktails Whiskey

Cans and Bottles Wine


Frozen Cocktails

Frozen Long Island $14.5
The classic blend of white spirits, with Coke, topped with lime slush. (2oz)

The Rocket $10.5
An adult take on your childhood favorite! Absolut Raspberri vodka, grenadine, lime slush with a blue curacao float. (1.5 oz)

The Cosmo-Naut $17.5
Our first dog to go to space. ‘The Rocket’ with a Michelob Ultra for a safe landing.

Jack Frost $14
Embrace the chilly weather. Vodka and Blue Curacao mixed with lemonade and lime slush. (2 oz)

Mixed Bully $18.75
If you like a little adventure. Stoli Blueberry vodka (2 oz) and some mixed berry slush with a Double Lemon Nutrl seltzer.

Classic Bulldog $16
El Jimador reposado tequila and triple sec (2oz) with lime slush and a Coronita.

Substitute with a full sized Corona +$2.5

SHOTS! Dangles, and MORE!

Jagermeister | Fireball $5.5 ALL DAY – EVERY DAY!

The Shaft $11.75
The original dangle! The perfect start, end – or in between for any day/night out! Kahlua, Polar Ice vodka, cold brew, cream – on the rocks. (2oz)

The Classics

Old Fashioned $16.75
Old Forester bourbon, sugar cube, bitters, dehydrated orange wheel. (2oz)

Gingerbread Old Fashioned $17
Spicebox whisky, raw sugar, bitters, cinnamon stick, and dehydrated orange wheel. (2 oz)

Aperol Spritz $13.5
Aperol (2 oz), and prosecco (2 oz), topped with soda.

Scona Mule $15
Absolut vodka, ginger beer, fresh lime juice. (2 oz)

Mojito $11.5
Lamb’s white rum, lime juice, simple syrup & fresh mint. (1.5 oz)

Pomegranate Mojito $11.5
Lamb’s white rum, with pomegranate juice, mint, simple syrup & lime juice. (1.5 oz)

Classic Caesar $11
Absolut vodka, Clamato, and pickled vegetables. (1.5 oz)

Whiskey Sour $16
Lot 40 Rye Whisky, house sour, aquafaba (vegan), lemon wheel. (2 oz)

Red Sangria $12
Santa Carolina Cabernet Sauvignon, St. Remy brandy, and triple sec mixed with our house sour and topped off with berries (4 oz wine & spirits)


Malt Margarita $11
El Jimador reposado tequila & triple sec (1.5 oz), shaken with lime juice, served on the rocks with a salted rim.

Coconut Margarita $16
1800 Coconut tequila, triple sec, lime and pineapple juices. Shaken and served on the rocks. (2 oz)

Hibiscus Margarita $12
El Jimador Reposado tequila and triple sec (1.5 oz) mixed with hibiscus tea, lime and simple syrup – on the rocks.

Spicy Pineapple Margarita $16
Wanting a little heat? Ancho Reyes Chili Liqueur and Olmeca Altos blanco tequila shaken on the rocks with pineapple and lime juice.

House Cocktails

Chai-tini $15
Absolut vodka (2 oz), Chai latte, and cream – shaken.
Add cold brew to make it a Dirty Chai-tini $16

Sage and Bourbon Smash $16
Fig-infused Old Forester bourbon (2 oz), with sage and lemon. Our spin on an old treat.

Autumn Spice $15
Wrap yourself in a warm hug. Blood Orange Beefeater gin (2 oz), spiced syrup, and lemon juice. These holiday flavours are topped off with orange bitters to give it that finishing touch. (Contains aquafaba)

Winterberry Punch $15
Absolut Raspberri vodka with banana, blue curacao and melon liqueurs, topped with pineapple juice and soda. (3 oz)

Limoncello Spritz $15
Limoncello & Stoli Bluberri (2 oz), with Cinzano prosecco (2 oz) and soda. So refreshing!

Blood Orange French 75 $15
Blood Orange Beefeater gin (1 oz), Cinzano Prosecco (3 oz) & lemon juice.

Spiked Apple Cider $8.5

Lamb’s spiced rum (1 oz), hot apple cider, orange wheel. Sweet, warm, can’t remember last word – but, sweet & warming?!


Mimosas served with Cinzano prosecco (4 oz)
Pomegranate Mimosa $11.5
Classic Mimosa (orange) $11

Cans & Bottles


Budweiser 341ml Canada
Bud Light 341ml Canada
Corona Sun Brew (non-alcoholic) 330ml
Michelob Ultra (low calorie, low carb) 341ml
Molson Canadian 341ml Canada


Corona 330ml Mexico
Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc 330ml France
Nutrl Double Lemon Vodka Soda (low calorie) 355ml Canada
SYC Phantom Buzz IPA (non-alcoholic) 473ml Edmonton


Guinness Irish Stout 440ml Ireland
White Claw Hard Seltzer Black Cherry 473ml Toronto
Vizzy Hard Seltzer Blueberry Pomegranate 473ml Toronto


Alley Kat Aprikat Ale 473ml Edmonton
Somersby Apple Cider 473ml Ireland
Stiegl Radler 473ml Austria
Troubled Monk Hard Iced Tea 473ml Red Deer
Glutenberg Blonde Ale 473ml Montreal




Chivas 12 Year $10
Glenlivet 12 Year, Highland $13
Auchentoshan 12 Year, Lowland $11
Laphroaig, Islay $15

Ardbeg 10 Year, Islay $16


Nikka (Japan) $17
Toki (Japan) $13
Jameson (Ireland) $8

Hornitos Black Barrel Anejo Tequila (Mexico) $10
Tequila aged in whisky barrels – a tequila for whisky fans!


Lot 40 $10
Pike Creek $8.5
Crown Royal Northern Harvest $10
Crown Royal $9

American & Bourbon

Jack Daniel’s $8
Old Forester $8
Buffalo Trace $9
Old Grand Dad $9
Maker’s Mark $10
Woodford Reserve $12
Knob Creek $10
Booker’s $18


Hiballs $8
Premium $9
Top Shelf $10

Non Alcoholic

Soft drink $4
(Coca Cola Classic, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Nestea Iced Tea, Lemonade)
Coffee, Tea $4
(English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green, Mint Medley)
Red Bull $5.5
(Original, Sugar Free, RED – Watermelon, WINTER – Fig and Apple)


White & Rosé (6 oz | 750 ml bottle)

Adobe Sauvignon Blanc $10 | $38
Henry Pelham Riesling VQA $11 | $40
Graffigna Pinot Grigio $10 | $38
Stoneleigh Lighter Rose $11 | $40
New Zealand

Sparkling Wine

La Marca Prosecco 6 oz bttl $13
Cinzano Prosecco 750ml bttl $37

Red (6 oz | 750 ml bottle)

Adobe Syrah $10 | $38
Bodegas Olivares Altos de la Hoya – Monestrall $10 | $38
Graffigna Malbec $10 | $38
Tribute Cabernet Sauvignon $10 | $40
By Benzinger; California

*Menu prices do not include taxes (5% GST) or service charge/gratuity

Indicates non-alcoholic option

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